Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cook County Public & Private Guardians

I set up another blog for Public & Private Guardians. I did this for many reasons and the main one is that I don’t get any positive feedback. NO ONE writes anything nice on my blog in regard to Devon Bank, Janna Dutton, Josh Mitzen, Home Instead, etc. They can’t because I don’t say anything nice, my blog isn’t set up to be fair.

Rick Block and Sally Griffin hired Josh Mitzen and Susan Phelan to make up the filthiest lies about me. They turned my love for a little old man into something sick and perverted just to get “free reign over the old man’s half a million dollars.” Every letter I got that slandered me, every name I was called in court documents is because of Rick and I never lost sight of what he did to me or Ludwig. Snipped.

In any event, if I publish the comments that people write on my blog, I become Mr. Block. I become a person that I cannot stand. So, in fairness, I set up another blog where people can write anything they want. I’ll set up posts so people can comment on “Guardians of the Estate” also and the banks that hold those OBRA’s.

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  1. I am so looking forward to more full disclosure, great job!